Wave overtopping mitigation at main breakwater of the Olympic Harbour of Barcelona

Project description

The project seeks the mitigation of the wave overtopping that occured at the main breakwater of the Olympic Harbour under storms since it was built. The solution lies in the reinforcement of the four submerged breakwaters with concrete cubes of 25 tones. Additionaly, a bullnose is designed to improve the response of the structure against wave overtopping. The reparation of the concrete steps located on the offshore part of the main breakwater is also carried out.

  • Breakwater type: Submerged breakwaters
  • Armour layer: Concrete cubes of 25 tn
  • Additional tasks:
    – Construction of a bullnose structure
    – Repair of the concrete steps

Project data

  • Client: Barcelona City Council
  • Year of project completion: work in progress
  • Budget: 10.6 M€
  • Contract type: Detailed design and construction management