Wave overtopping mitigation at main breakwater of the Olympic Harbour of Barcelona

Project description

The project proposes a solution to the problems derived from the overtopping, by means of a joint action on both the breakwater and the existing submerged breakwaters in front of it. The action on the breakwater is formalized with the construction of a reinforced concrete breakwater type piece, while the action on the submerged breakwaters is done with the reconstruction of the current breakwater and the formation of a new lining formed by a layer of 25 Tn mass concrete blocks. The project also includes the superficial rehabilitation of the emerged structure of the breakwater.

  • Breakwater type: Submerged breakwaters
  • Armour layer: Concrete cubes of 25 tn
  • Additional tasks:
    – Construction of a bullnose structure
    – Repair of the concrete steps

Project data

  • Client: Barcelona City Council
  • Year of project completion: work in progress
  • Budget: 8.80 M€
  • Contract type: Detailed design and construction management