Taking stock in a few words of the 25 years of ENGINYERIA REVENTÓS is a challenge, the world and the profession have changed over time. In 1995 we were just waking up in the digital world, since then there have been many changes, new technologies have appeared, regulations have changed and new organizations have appeared, more bureaucracy has been added, …

But there are things that have not changed, our goal has always been to project to build, with a clear head and feet touching the ground, always thinking about the repercussions of all kinds that have the products of our work.

With a slow growth, we have gone from being a small engineering office, initially specialized in structures, to having now a medium size and many more centers of interest, we have diversified without ever forgetting what our strengths are.

The professional team is cohesive and solid, with a long history in the company, focused on the design, project, development and supervision of civil and building works: bridges, footbridges, buildings, singular structures, maritime and hydraulic works, roads, railroads, landscaping, urban planning and urban improvement.

For us, each project is a unique prototype that deserves the same attention that a good craftsman devotes to his work, but this does not prevent us from using the most advanced tools and technology in our activity and in the projected works. We believe that the social, environmental and aesthetic integration of the actions must be contemplated from the beginning, as a starting point for each project.

Today’s world is complex. The transformation of space is the objective of engineering; its management is immersed in complexity. The experience needed to solve technical problems cannot be the reason to neglect having a general vision of our activity. At ENGINYERIA REVENTÓS we specialize in finding simple solutions to complex problems, affected by multiple factors, of a general or specific nature; it is our way of understanding our profession.

To summarize our 25 years of history of our firm, we have selected 21 works that are part of a commemorative book. The selection criteria for these works have been:

  • Built after 1995, own of the company. The more recent the better.
  • Representative of our way of doing things and of sufficient quality.
  • Most of them should not have appeared in previous publications.

For this edition we made a call through the association of our neighborhood in Barcelona, Poblenou Urban District, looking for artists used to the large scale of urban art to reinterpret our works. We selected 3 of them. We wanted an external, non-engineering and non-professional construction vision. In each of the works selected to be part of the book, apart from the photographs, we enclosed a plate with their artistic vision.

Before I say goodbye and let the works speak, I would like to tell you that all this is also part of a vital project, more than half of my professional life.

Manuel Reventós Rovira, Civil Engineer