ENGINYERIA REVENTÓS S.L. is a design engineering office specialized in structures. Our task is the design, development and the supervision of the civil works and edification: bridges, footbridges, buildings, singular structures, roads, railways, maritime and hydraulic works, landscape, urban planning and urban improvement.

The company was founded by Manuel Reventós Rovira (CEO) in 1995. Since then, our aim has been to design to build.

We undertake each project as a unique prototype, which deserv1es the same care as a good craftsman has dedicated to his work. But this does not prevent us from using the most advanced tools and technology in our work and in the projected works. We believe that the environmental and aesthetic integration of the actions must be considered from the start of the project as a starting basis thereof.

ENGINYERIA REVENTÓS S.L. specializes in finding simple solutions to complex problems, affected by multiple factors, general or specific; this is our way of understanding the job.