Rehabilitation and upgrading Olympic Harbour Barcelona

Project description

The Olympic Harbour of Barcelona was built in 1991. Since its commissioning apart form the problems from the overtopping, issues with the use of the spaces have arisen. The Barcelona City Council and the management concessionaire, POBASA, charged Enginyeria Reventós and BCQ arquitectos a study to provide ideas and solutions for the current situation. The purposes of the study were:

  1. Recover the Port as a platform for nautical uses, especially at the lower-maritime level.
  2. Liberate the nautical platform of the Olympic Port of the temporary tents of bars and restaurants.
  3. Improve the pedestrian access, also in the lower level as a passage between the Passseig de la Barceloneta up to Diagonal Mar and the Forum area.
  4. Reorganize and rethink commercial and restoration uses.
  5. Enhance and improve the use of the breakwater of the Marina, both in the sea side, regarding the beach of Barceloneta, and port side regarding the surface built under the platform of Marina Street, currently underused, and with an optimal urban situation.

Surface: 21,7 ha

Roof built: 36.900 m2

Open land spaces: 10,3 ha

Water mirror: 8,4 ha

Moorings: 743

Seawall: 520m

Project data

  • Client: POBASA. Barcelona City Council
  • Year of project completion: 2014
  • Budget: 35,6 M€
  • Contract type: Concept Study