Foster lock-gate. Barcelona Harbor

Project description

The drydock of Port of Barcelona is locked by a Foster type hinged gate. After reaching its lifespan, the dealer Marina Barcelona 92 relied on us to undertake the replacement of the gate. Due to the weight and dimensions of the gate, the extraction of the old gate and the placement of the new one were performed by means of a floating system fixed on the inner part of the gate. Intermediate operations to assemble the temporary floating devices, finish welding and paint the unreachable face of the gate were also carried out. To do so, the old hinges were used by anchoring them to concrete blocks.

  • Tipology: Abatibel door
  • Dimensions: 35,8 x 12,3 x 1,2 m
  • Weight: 200 T

Project data

  • Client: Marina Barcelona 92
  • Year of the project completion : 2014
  • Budget: 26,4 M€
  • Contract type: Construction management