Bus Baix Bridge

Project description

Bridge for a reserved platform for bus and tramway transport system. Pedestrians and cyclists are placed outside the truss, on a cantilever in the downstream side with the best views to the river and the bridge. The pedestrian space is divided in two different levels, covered by a visor, creating a charming independent atmosphere aside from traffic. Spans: 66 + 88 +66 m. Special treatment finishes: glass balustrade, continuous wooden bench, two types of pavements, perforated steel panels on the diagonal planes and visor

  • Structural type: Steel truss
  • Total length: 220 m
  • Major span: 88 m
  • Finishes: Glass balustrade, continuous wooden bench and perforated steel panels

Project data

  • Client: Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • End of project: 2.011
  • Budget: 11,1 M€
  • Works done: Project