Buoy eOLOS

Project description

Detail engineering for a meta-oceanic buoy that performs large-scale wind measurements in offshore fields; it is equipped with a measuring LIDAR system, wind turbines, batteries, meteorological mast, current profiler, wave sensor and sacrificial anodes. The design conditions were: modular structure easily removable and mountable, can be carried in a container ISO of 20 or 40 feet. Durable materials in maritime environment. Energy autonomy. Capable of withstand a storm with significant wave height Hs = 7,00 m and maximum height of Hmax = 14,00 m. Anchoring system with a maximum pumping radius of 100 meters.

  • Tipology:  Inox steel and GRP panels structure

Project data

  • Client: REPSOL. Gas Natural. UPC
  • End of construction: 2014
  • Budget without equipments: 80.000€
  • Works done: Project management and structure project