La Tordera Bridge

Project Description

At the end of January 2020, the Gloria storm took away the Bridge over La Tordera between Malgrat de Mar and Blanes, this fact motivated the emergency work of demolition of the remains of the bridge and building a new one. In order to reduce the term of execution the new bridge was built with precast concrete box girders, but maintaining the scheme of a continuous beam of variable height and the span distribution of the initial project: 33.15 + 51.00 + 51.00 + 51.00 + 33.15 m, which improved the original hydraulic capacity. The deck width is 13.325 m, with a road of two lanes 9.00 m wide and a sidewalk for cyclists and pedestrians 3.00 m wide.

  • Structural typology: Continuous Box girder of precast concrete
  • Total length: 220.3 m
  • Major span: 51 m
  • Width: 13.33 m

Project Data

  • Client: Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Year of project construction: 2020
  • Budget: 4.20 M€
  • Contract type: Project and construction management.
  • Special mention on the 5th night of infrastructures organized by the Infrastructure Advisory Council of Catalonia.