Ripoll Walk and Footbrige extension

Project description

Urban and landscape improvement. Cantilevered extension of the river promenade with prefabricated parts. Expansion of the footbridge over the River Ripoll from 3.15 wide to 4.5 m

  • Footbridge tipology: Steel continuous beam
  • Major span: 20 m
  • Wide: 4.5 m
  • Total length: 95 m
  • Walk tipology: Reinforced concrete precast pieces
  • Walk length: 500 m

Project data

  • Client: Àrea metropolitana de Barcelona, Moncada i Reixach City Council
  • End construction: 2015
  • Budget: 1.33 M€
  • Works done: Project and works direction assistance
  • Minors: Selected in the category of articulation International Prize Rosa Barba Landscape Biennial