Les Fosses Arches

Project description

The new road C-15 crosses the river of Santa Coloma de Farners over a deep meander, the elevation, conditioned by the future construction of a dam upstream, touches the crest of the bluff around which revolved the river. The bridge is solved by two arcs, one after another, with equal spans and distribution of pendulums. The jury of Construmat Award highlighted the landscaping integration of the work. When the road was widened in 2012 doubled the solution. Action of Manuel Reventós before the foundation of the company.

  • Structural type: Steel arches, steel + concrete composite deck
  • Total length: 307 m
  • Major span: 82.8 m

Project data

  • Client: Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • End of construction: 1995
  • Budget: 3.5 M€
  • Works done: Design
  • Awards: Construmat 1997. Civil Engineering. Winner