Footbridge over the Torrent de la Font

Project Description

The Footbridge is placed in the Morera quarter in Badalona and crosses the Torrent de la Font, it is part of a bigger landscape plan of urban green area. The project was leaded by Montserrat Periel, an AMB architect. The structure is a steel U-shape box girder with a simply support in one side and a rigid support in the other side.

  • Tipology: Steel u-shape box girder
  • Total length: 35,58 m
  • Major span: 32,87 m
  • Width: 3 m

Project data:

  • Client: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona. Badalona City Council.
  • End works: 2019
  • Budget: 0.35 M€
  • Works done: Project
  • Project selected for the Rosa Barba awards at the 11th International Landscape Biennial.