Submarines “Ictíneo I and II”

Project description

1:1 scale replica of the submarines Ictíneo I and II (Ictíneo = fish+boat). Film “Monturiol. Lord of the seas”. The film tells the saga of success and failure of a pioneer: Narcís Monturiol . The first autonomous submarines that were built in the world were made in Barcelona in 1859 and 1864. From “Ictinteo I” only retain an engraving and a paragraph in a book; the replica is inspired by both documents. From “Ictineo II” 150 plans are preserved in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, one of the best civil Gothic buildings in the world.

  • Structural type: Hull wood, propulsion and stabilization with compressed air
  • Ictíneo II length: 18 m

Project data

  • Client: Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Port Autònom de Barcelona
  • End of construction: 1992
  • Budget: 200.000 €
  • Works done: Design and works direction