“Ship-lift”, Barcelona Harbour

Project description

Construction of a 212x123m platform used to repair ships up to 120m of long and 4.000T weight. It alllows the lifting of the vessel and the horizontal movement in two directions until it is placed at the point where the work will be carried out. Slab of 1m beard over 411 piles of 1.5 and 1.8m diameter. The lifting platform is 140×30 m. Work in progress

  • Surface: 2,65 ha
  • Dimensions: 212×123 m
  • Lifting platform: 140×30 m

Project data

  • Client: Marina Barcelona 92
  • End of construction: Work in progress. Forecast 2019
  • Budget: 48 M€
  • Works done: Project magement and works direction assistance